Tox Dev Talks – #2

(Tox Dev Talks is a series of weekly meetings that bring the Tox developer community together to share ideas, progress, and miscellaneous chatter. They take place Saturdays at 16:00 UTC.)

Tox Dev Talks are back after a week-long hiatus due to scheduling difficulties. As we had irungentoo on hand, we spent a lot of time on core issues. Here’s a bit of what was discussed.

  • Tox core
    • Offline messaging
      • The student who was implementing it disappeared. irungentoo will be taking over if he has time.
    • Friendly names / DNS replacement?
      • No real solution was brought up that would be better than what we have now. That said, DNS will remain optional for clients and not a Tox core feature.
    • irungentoo’s to-do list
      • Improve file transfers.
      • Write proper documentation for the code.
      • In general, fix bugs and/or finish some features that aren’t done.
    • New groupchats
      • Currently stalled due to requiring some significant core changes.
    • A/V revamp
      • Currently waiting on client support and some important bug fixes.
  • Packaging
    • qTox binaries are finally available again (Windows and Linux static)
    • An APT repository will be coming soon.
  • Client news
    • µTox
      • New A/V is complete and waiting on aforementioned bug fixes.
      • grayhatter is currently working to improve the UI.
    • qTox
      • New A/V is almost done, audio works, webcam works, streaming desktop doesn’t work and the button functionality still needs to be implemented.
      • tux3 is no longer dead, and has given access to the main repository to DaSpirit and others while he catches up on things.
    • Antox
      • There is currently a naming dispute with the original author.
        • The current developer, subliun, will continue using the Antox name.
  • Other things worth mentioning
    • As some people aren’t happy with the design of, installgen2 is going to redesign the site. He will show what he came up with at the next meeting.

If you want to participate in the next Tox Dev Talk, feel free to drop in next week. We hope to keep a stable schedule, but if that doesn’t happen, we will let you know on the calendar.


  1. Speaking of A/V revamp and groupchats: Are there any plans to include groupchats with video so multiple users can join one video call?

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