Tox Dev Talks – #3

(Tox Dev Talks is a series of weekly meetings that bring the Tox developer community together to share ideas, progress, and miscellaneous chatter. They take place Saturdays at 16:00 UTC.)

In this week’s meeting, as usual, we discussed a variety of topics, which have been summarized below.

(Edited 2015/08/30: a few factual corrections were made. Apologies for letting them slip past editing -ak)

  • Binaries
    • Package signing
      • Jenkins will handle it
      • Possibility of making Jenkins push notify on changes
  • Policy
    • #tox-dev
      • We discussed how much off-topic discussion and other noise we are willing to allow on #tox-dev
      • Possibly enabling colors for improved build info
      • nurupo expressed concern of color misuse
    • Social media
      • We reminded the managers of each Tox-related account of their responsibilities
      • Blog
        • Social media will now link to EVERY blog post
        • GSoC mentors should come up with a GSoC blog post
  • Our website
    • installgen2 is working on redesigning from scratch, this will take 3-7 days to complete
  • ToxAV
    • Mannol has said there will be more commits this (2015-08-29) weekend
  • New groupchats
    • JFreegman is still waiting on irungentoo to implement the difficult codebase changes
  • Core and client updates
    • qTox
      • Zetok will be tagging qTox issues
    • uTox
      • in-progress UI redesign
      • New groupchats once ToxAV gets merged, and the refactor in that branch gets merged
  • Other developments
    • nurupo is working on fixing bugs and refactoring code in code base of GSoC project he mentored
    • codedust is developing – a web based tox client


  1. Please fix the portability issue- with recent builds portability is gone- checked ‘Make Tox portable’ does not work. The last build which was really portable was the one from 2015.03.14, after that qTox insists on writing to C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\tox ignoring its own settings. This problem has been reported many times (✓), but still to no avail unfortunately. Since Tox is decentralized and serverless portability is absolutely essential.

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