Regarding irungentoo’s Indiegogo Campaign

irungentoo (our main toxcore developer) has started a personal fundraising campaign that would allow him to dedicate a month of full time work to Tox development. Although this has already been posted on Twitter, reddit and IRC, we have decided to give it a mention here as well, both in order to support our fellow developer, and to clear up some misunderstandings.

Quite a few people have asked if this is an official Tox fundraising campaign. It is not. This is something that irungentoo is doing on his own, separate from the project; all raised funds will go directly to him to be used however he sees best fit. We mentioned in our previous blog post that we wouldn’t be taking any donations as a project until we have set up a proper organization with an emphasis on transparency and protection of assets. This is still the case, however we also mentioned that individual developers are free to take personal donations, which is what this is.

We apologize if this has caused any confusion, and hope that this has sufficiently cleared up any misunderstandings.



  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis français et j’ai adopté Qtox depuis peu de temps.
    Je désire vous donner un peu de mon argent et vous soutenir pour le bon travail déjà effectué. Votre application me permet d’échanger librement, sous la protection du chiffrement, dans un pays (la France) qui a rejoint dernièrement le club des pays qui espionnent leur propres citoyens.
    Merci à Tox de me permettre celà !
    I am French and I adopted Qtox since shortly.
    I want to give you some of my money and support you for the good work already done. Your application allows me to exchange freely under the protection of encryption in one country (France), which recently joined the club of countries that monitor their own citizens.
    Thank you for allowing me this Tox

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