Tox Dev Talks – #1

(If you don’t already know, Tox Dev Talks is a series of weekly meetings that bring the Tox developer community together to share ideas, progress, and miscellaneous chatter. They take place every Saturday at 03:00 UTC.)

This week’s Tox Dev Talk turned out exceptionally well, especially as it was the first one. The primary focus was on mobile issues; here is a summary of what was discussed.

  • How do we deal with doze mode in Android M?
    • Do we use GCM?
  • Is a “passive mode” for toxcore so we can reduce battery and data usage possible?
  • How do we deal with backgrounding restrictions on iOS?
    • Possible solution: use VoIP sockets.
  • No concrete decisions as of now.
  • qTox: as tux3 has been absent for a while, the main repo might be moved to DaSpirit’s fork.

Progress updates and to-do:

  • installgen2 (Web)
    • ToxKek – Fix connection and crash bugs, add mobile frontend design, add avatars, add file transfers, add ToxDNS support, add groupchat support, add memes, and add remote server support. (ToxKek is an early-stage HTML/JS Tox client.)
    • Tox.Party – Add Tox3 support and get https certificate.
    • Tox Wiki – Add missing pages and clean up mess
  • chuongv (iOS)
    • Antidote: Implement video calls for this week.
  • subliun (Android)
    • Antox: working on encrypted profile support, fixing some bugs, and getting ready for av support.
    • New ToxDNS host is
  • Impyy (C#/Windows)
    • SharpTox – finish new groupchat bindings, write documentation for both new av api and new groupchat api.
  • oranges (Build infrastructure)
    • Jenkins is up and building libraries, some clients are building.
    • Waiting on client devs for some of the other clients.

We hope to see more of the same kind of constructive discussion, and more developers in attendance next week!


  1. awesome, but let me make some suggestions.
    Perhaps you need someone to rewrite Toxcore documents – API documentation, Principles, as well as more details of the agreement.
    IMHO, Old document is shit. ->

  2. You could create some type of low activity TCP mode perhaps to combat data usage and connection count?

  3. am surprised that tox is suppose to have all what skype has and it doesnt have answer incoming call automatically.. i feel thats the only reason am using skype .. the only thing remotely close to skype is teamspeak but thats not for private convo and so on..

    1. Maybe you should open an issue on the client of your choice asking for this functionality? Also, teamspeak is nonfree software.

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