Update on Toxcore and the upcoming breaking version

Hello everyone! Time flies fast, we spent all of 2017 without any status update, so a blog post is due, especially given that we are about to hit a new milestone and introduce some breaking changes.

Since our last blog post about Toxcore getting a stable version release, version 0.1.0, Toxcore has seen eleven more releases, which brings it to the version 0.1.11. Some of the notable changes in these releases include: (a little) reduction of bandwidth usage [1], [2], fix of issues related to reconnecting [3], improvement of LAN discovery [4], ability to disable LAN discovery [5], fix of the read receipts sometimes never arriving [6], reduced video corruption [7] and better support of the FreeBSD platform [8], [9], [10], [11], [12] and the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler [13], [14], [15], [16]. Aside from these, there were also many other bug fixes and code maintainability improvements.

The next Toxcore release that is planned after 0.1.11 is 0.2.0. Toxcore versioning scheme follows that of Semantic Versioning with x.y.z versions with leading zeros being stripped, meaning that 0.1.0 has the same API promise as 1.0.0. Which means that 0.2.0 will be a breaking release, it will break the compatibility with 0.1.x versions. Some of the breaking changes planned for 0.2.0 include: removal of the toxdns library [17], building resulting in just a single Toxcore library file containing all sublibraries’ code [18] and toxencryptsave library’s API breakage [19]. Other breaking changes might be added as the work on 0.2.0 release goes on.

It’s worth to note that since our last Toxcore blog post the adoption of the TokTok Toxcore fork of the original Toxcore has been going well and all of the actively maintained clients have switched to using it as their Toxcore library.

That’s all with updates on Toxcore.

As usual, happy Toxing!


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