First Stable Release of TokTok Toxcore

Good news everyone!

The first stable version of TokTok Toxcore, 0.1.0, got released. This release will be API compatible with other 0.1.x releases, until 0.2.0 is released, which will break the API.

This marks the first stable release of TokTok Toxcore and is an exciting milestone on the road to future Toxcore improvements.

The packages of TokTok Toxcore are now available in the stable and nightly streams on

Most clients are switching to using TokTok Toxcore as their Toxcore library. Antidote and ┬ÁTox clients already use TokTok Toxcore, qTox has gained support for TokTok Toxcore and will use it in the next release, and Antox and Toxic are in the process of gaining support for TokTok Toxcore.

Thanks to iphy, grayhatter, nurupo and others for their hard work on Toxcore, as well as thanks to Encrypt for the work on packaging it.

TokTok Toxcore version follows the rules of Semantic Versioning. The API promise of x.y.z version is defined to be the same as the Semantic Versioning API promise of x.y.z with leading zeros stripped, meaning 0.1.0 has the same API promise as 1.0.0.

While we were being excited with the 0.1.0 release, TokTok Toxcore has already released 0.1.1 version. The current release cycle of patch versions is approximately one per week, so they keep incrementing relatively fast.

Happy Toxing!


    1. Depends on what you mean by “Tox”. If you are talking about the Toxcore library started by irungentoo, which is what the TokTok Toxcore fork is based on, then it is GPLv3 and there is no simple way to re-license it as that would require every person who has contributed to Toxcore (well, at least every major-ish contributor) to agree to re-license it. However, nothing stops anyone from implementing their own non-GPL implementation of Tox based on the Tox protocol specification, which is freely available and licensed under MIT.

  1. I’ve been trying and trying to get this to install under macOS and just can’t seem to get it done. I download it from at App Store (Antidote) and there’s no problem. I get stuck at the autoreconf -i command, even though I have v2.63 installed.

    Why are there no binaries, like with uTox before, it’s so complicated to get working.

    1. What exactly are you trying to install? Toxcore library? A Tox client?
      Also, what are the binaries that have previously existed but now are missing?

      1. I would like to use the client, as I used to use uTox (0.4.2). I just can’t seem to get CMake to compile the code, nor get it to compile through Terminal.

        What’s going on with uTox, is it going to be kept updated?

  2. Excuse me, but can i get help, please ? I want write basic Tox client on Windows. I have compiling the tox-core and y have includes headers, one file ‘toxlib.dll.a’ and ‘libtox.dll’. My client work, but if I delete the libtox.dll, he can’t be run. However, the uTox client does not need it. How can I do ?

    Sorry for my bad english, but I am French

    1. Please use our Support mailing list for questions like this

      The ‘.dll.a’ file is not a library, it is just a helper file describing the ‘.dll’ library, it aids the compiler in linking against the ‘.dll’ library.
      The ‘.dll’ library is a shared library. uTox links against a static library, with is ‘.a’ (not to be confused with ‘.dll.a’), which results in the Tox library being included in the uTox ‘.exe’ file. If you want to statically link your application against Tox library, just like uTox does it, you need to make a static build of toxcore.
      It seems you don’t know what static and shared libraries are, which is a basic C/C++ topic.

  3. Hello, what’s the news?

    What is the status of Multidevice, of New Groupchats and Offline Messaging?

    By the way, I’ve tried groupchats with qTox and Isotoxin, and we had a blast doing it. Planning on adopting Tox as a primary communication tool in my own little project.

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