Successful Indiegogo Campaign!

We are happy to announce that irungentoo’s personal Indiegogo campaign has been successfully funded!

As you may already know, irungentoo has been running a personal fundraiser, to allow himself to dedicate a month of full time work to Tox development. This fundraiser reached its $5,000 USD goal with 6 hours left on the clock. At the time of writing, a total of $5,785 has been raised by 217 funders.

The Tox Project would like to give a big “Thank You!” to all that donated, as well as to all of Tox’s supporters for making this happen, and helping to raise even more money than irungentoo’s original goal.

irungentoo would like to say to everyone:

Thank you, everyone, for making this fundraiser a success. If you bought a perk please send me the related stuff, it will be put into the repository when I collect most of them. If you donated bitcoin in an amount equal or greater to the value of one of the perks and want to receive that perk, just email me at with proof (e.g. a message signed with your bitcoin address key).

Unless something happens (computer stops working, etc.), I will be starting my full time work on toxcore on September 8. I will start by writing toxcore documentation, which will take a long time but is important and might invite more people to contribute to toxcore and make sure that Tox does not die if I get hit by a bus. Thank you for making sure that Tox will become even stronger.


We’ll be sitting down with irungentoo very soon to develop a roadmap for the toxcore library. Once it has been developed, we’ll publish it, and you’ll be able to track development progress as it happens.

Thanks again,

The Tox Project


  1. Congratulations!
    I look forward to the roadmap and will follow progress closely here. Proper library docs will be a great step forward. I am also curious as to what the “become the boss” donator proposes to push.
    Good luck for making the most of this month+!

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