ToxCon 2019

ToxCon 2019 Poster

This October the Tox developer community will be holding its third annual conference at Metalab in the heart of Vienna, Austria. The event will be 3 full days, from Friday, October 11th to Sunday, October 13th.

We will talk about Tox, and other security related and interesting topics. If you would like to attend, meet the Tox devs, do some live hacking, or just socialize — get a free ticket and reserve a T-shirt. You can find the exact address on your ticket.

Want to give a talk about your project? Please apply here!

If you have any questions about booking, travel arrangements, talks, or anything related to the event, join #toxcon IRC channel on Freenode and contact robinli, strfry or zoff99.


  1. I just wish somebody would get back to developing (updating) the mac version.

    1. Could you elaborate what exactly you are referring to?
      Some specific Tox client? The Toxcore library? Something else entirely?

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