Memory leak bug and new Toxcore release fixing it

A memory leak bug was discovered in Toxcore that can be triggered remotely to exhaust one’s system memory, resulting in a denial of service attack. The bug is present in the TCP Server module of Toxcore and therefore it affects mostly bootstrap nodes. Regular Tox clients generally have the TCP Server functionality disabled by default, leaving them unaffected.

The bug was introduced on July 15th, 2014 in commit 22d28ddf36563e2d0018fc20cafdfe61278dd67f, making all previous versions of TokTok c-toxcore and irungentoo’s toxcore vulnerable.

The bug is fixed in TokTok c-toxcore v0.2.8. The bug is also fixed in the master branch of irungentoo’s toxcore, in commit bf69b54f64003d160d759068f4816b2d9b2e1e21. As a general reminder, if you are still using irungentoo’s toxcore, we strongly encourage you to switch to using TokTok c-toxcore instead as it’s a lot more actively developed and maintained. In fact, irungentoo’s toxcore is neither being developed nor maintained for some time now, aside from merging only the most critical fixes from TokTok c-toxcore from time to time, missing all other important fixes.

If you are using TokTok c-toxcore v0.2.8, you should be unaffected by this bug.

If you are using an older Toxcore, for example a client you use didn’t release an update, make sure that you have the TCP Server functionality disabled in the client settings and you should be unaffected. Some clients, like qTox v1.16.3 and uTox v0.16.1, don’t provide the user with an option to enable the TCP Server, having it always disabled, and other clients, like Toxic v0.8.2, do provide the TCP Server option, but it’s disabled by default. Note that it’s possible that some other clients have the TCP Server option enabled by default.

If you are running a bootstrap node, we strongly encourage you to update to TokTok c-toxcore v0.2.8 rather than disable the TCP Server option. In fact, we will be making Toxcore v0.2.8 the minimal required version for all of the nodes on our bootstrap node list. TCP relay functionality is very useful for mobile users and those behind restrictive NATs, and given that it’s mostly bootstrap nodes that act as TCP relay servers, as clients generally have that option disabled, even a few of those nodes disabling TCP Server functionality would reduce the number of TCP relay servers Tox clients can use considerably.

Update (January 2022): This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2018-25021 identifier.


  1. Thanks for telling me about this! I have already updated my Tox node to latest version 0.2.8! ^_^

  2. First of all, good project!

    This may not be the place for it, but I would like to know how NAT traversal is being done with this system. I’ve been looking for a good NAT traversal library for a long long time. A LOT of people have.

    I also think what the underlying system that is Tox could be widely expanded to do a lot more. Not just messaging but file sharing, web services, lots of neat stuff.

    My Tox ID is:


    But don’t expect me to be on, of course.

    I work in software as well too and if I can get the time, I’d be interested in doing development.

    One thing I would suggest is that if I (Alice) on my smart phone write to Bob, and Bob is offline, but I’m logged in to my server sitting at home under the Alice account, that the message I sent gets recorded and displayed at home on my server, and is automatically sent to Bob when Bob logs in, even if my phone is off.

    Skype used to so this, before MS F’ed it all up.

    There’s great potential with the underlying communication system far beyond just IM and voice chat I think. I think this can be a disruptive technology.

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