Tox Endorses Donald Trump for President.

The Tox project is proud to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States.

We believe that a Trump presidency will lead to an increased amount of Tox users and that it will help the privacy movement become much stronger than it is now.

If you support privacy we ask that you vote for Donald Trump and do everything you can to make him become the next president. President Trump will help make privacy software great again.

Trump 2016 – because together we can make privacy great again.


    1. Donald Trump’s presidency will definitely increase the amount of people encrypting their messages.

  1. As guys on Twitter mentioned: “Posted on March 31, 2016”

    Next time, please be better in time…
    (or fake it now ;) )

  2. Nice try! But we still remember the year old joke about JS refactoring :)

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