New Tox A/V API

That’s right, today is the big day! After months of work, the new API for Tox A/V has finally been merged into toxcore.


  • A new API, similar to toxcore.
  • A better adaptive bit rate algorithm.

Nothing too surprising for the average user, but great news for developers.

The reason for this blog post is the fact that this update will break the protocol, which means you will have to update your clients. Most of our main clients are ready and if all goes well you should receive an update later today. These include: uTox, qTox, Toxic and Antidote.

Happy Toxing!


    1. Me too! I wish the dev(s) would have a Twitter account to give more frequent updates.

  1. Congratulations on the merge! Looking forward to the next improvements on the core.

  2. I am dissapointed so far, not getting better music quality and one of the things i enjoy doing is streaming music and listening with friends.

    One of the reasons i was so excited about tox is that it uses Opus, an audio codec which at higher bitrates is amazing at music, mumble for example can achieve this.

    Why is (u)Tox not allowing these higher bitrates when there is sufficient bandwith for them? I tested this on a 866mbit lan connection!

  3. After updating, my and my friend’s voice and video call buttons won’t work. Is this something wrong with tox in general or our settings somehow?

    1. That shouldn’t happen. Which client are you using? Also are you sure both you and your friend are on the latest version?

  4. Yeah ! Great ! Thanks you a lot this y perfectoalamaniana I use Tox every day !!!
    Have an happy new year !

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